ZEISS i.Scription Lenses

The benchmark for excellence

  • These lenses are personalised for YOUR eyes, frame and face
  • Expect up to 30% improved vision at night or in low light
  • Experience dramatic colour and contrast improvement

Change the way you see the world.


  • 170 years specialized experience in optical systems
  • 8400 patents worldwide (as at last reporting period)
  • More than 30 Nobel Prize winners trust ZEISS lenses to see more of our world
  • Hollywood trust ZEISS lenses to capture magical moments
  • More than 4 million surgical operations have been performed around the world trusting ZEISS lenses to see more of the human body and even save lives
  • Invented Anti-Reflective coatings and was the first manufacturer to offer this coating in eyeglass lenses

ZEISS has been a renowned and leading manufacturer of optics since 1846. Read more about the company that has been defining the future and the way we see it.

The i.Profiler

The i.Profiler® maps out over 2500 points on each eye in order to determine your eyes’ unique profile.

Each person is different and our eyes are as unique as our fingerprints. The i.Profiler allows us to determine the exact optical map of your eye. Think of it as “fingerprint” measurement of your eye.

This data is used by ZEISS in Germany to manufacture your customised lenses.

The i.Terminal

No face is symmetrical and no two people’s eyes are the same distance apart. In the past, we manually measured the distance between the eyes and the position of the pupils by marking the lenses with a felt tipped pen.

With the help of the ZEISS Centration Technology we can measure this digitally and it will be precise to 1/10th of a millimetre.

This data makes it possible for your lenses to be precisely personalised for your unique features and frame.

i.Scription Lenses

The data from the i.Profiler and i.Terminal as well as our optometrists’ test are combined to manufacture lenses that are perfectly matched to your eyes. These lenses are accurate to 1/100th of a dioptre.

Prior to this technology, someone with a 2.63 prescription would have to settle for lenses with either a 2.5 prescription or a 2.75 prescription. Your i.Scription lenses will have the exact 2.63 prescription as well as it being adjusted for your specific frame and face.

Tailor-made for superior performance.

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