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Signs that you might require an eye examination

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When and how often should I have my eyes tested?

We recommend that you have a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years, depending on your age, risk factors and whether you currently wear corrective lenses.

Children need regular eye exams to detect vision problems that may interfere with learning. We are passionate about children’s eye care. Watch a video about our annual Eye Health Campaign for Grade 1s here

How old are you? How often you should have your eyes tested
Under 16 years old Every year
16 to 59 years old Every two years
60 and over Every year
40 and over with close family history of glaucoma Every year
Over 70 years old Every year
Your Health How often you should have your eyes tested
If you are diabetic Every year
If you have glaucoma Every year
If you have ocular hypertension Every year

Source: www.saoa.co.za