When should children have their first eye examination?

According to research, approximately one in five children suffers from impaired eyesight and 20% of toddlers under the age of four have compromised vision.  Early detection of any visual impairment is vital to ensure that babies and toddlers are able to experience 20/20 vision from the earliest possible age. Good vision is closely linked to the learning process and to developing coordination and motor skills. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that your child has an eye test before starting school.

If you suspect any significant developmental delays according to the guidelines below, it is essential that you book a professional eye examination for your toddler or child.  Mellins i.Style makes use of highly advanced, fully automated testing technology. The ZEISS i.Profiler measures approximately 2500 points of the eye in less than 90 seconds, ensuring precision eye care for your child.

Signs your toddler under the age of 3 needs an eye examination:

  • Regularly holding his/her head at an angle
  • Squinting his/her eyes
  • Avoidance of light or failure to respond to light
  • Obsessive rubbing of the eyes
  • Turning of the eyes without focusing on anything
  • Grasping for objects and missing them

Signs that may indicate vision problems in older children (4+):

  • Frequent stumbling or running into furniture
  • Increased vision problems at dusk and in the dark
  • Isolation from other children
  • Recurring headaches
  • Dislikes reading
  • Holding a book very close when reading
  • Titling his/her head at an extreme angle when reading
  • Covering one eye when reading
  • Constantly maintaining a poor posture when working close
  • Reports seeing blurred or double while reading or writing

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