The transparent frame remains a clear eyewear trend in 2020

Choosing a new frame can be overwhelming – whether you’ve been a spectacle wearer for years or are completely new to wearing glasses. There are just so many things to consider: The shape of your face, your complexion, lifestyle and budget.  Fashion trends, of course, also matters. We’ve picked one trend that we believe is here to stay in 2020: Clear or transparent framed glasses.

Although spectacle wearers in Scandinavian countries have been sporting them for years, the transparent frame only recently became popular locally. One of the benefits of clear frames, which can be entirely see-through or have a hint of colour, are their ability to match with whatever you are wearing. The transparent frame also suits almost any complexion. Another benefit of wearing clear glasses is that you can experiment with larger frame styles, since they don’t overwhelm your face the same way that darker frames sometimes do. The transparent frame is also popular among those who love a bold makeup look, as these understated frames won’t obstruct their look.

Clear plastic has captured the imagination of fashion designers all around the globe and is not just seen in eyewear, but also in a wide array of clothing and even accessory designs like the transparent handbag that has been gracing catwalks in 2019. 

Tips for styling your transparent glasses

Our top tip would be to opt for a lighter outfit. Although most clothes will match clear frames, lighter colours will help make your trendy specs stand out. If you are not entirely convinced yet, try transparent framed readers first. Readers are, by the way, always a great way to experiment with a new shape or colour.

How to choose a clear frame

Like with all other specs, you want to find a pair that complements your face shape. In general, circular and oval frames work well on square faces. If you have a diamond-shaped face, cat-eye and oval glasses are for you. Oval faces should opt for a square frame while round faces can wear a rectangular or square frame.  Not sure about your face shape? Why not take this fun quiz to find out?