Save on world-renowned ZEISS lenses and frames

Every second, two people across the globe decide to purchase lenses from ZEISS. In total, more than 200 million spectacle wearers around the world put their faith in the quality of the ZEISS brand. And so does Mellins i.Style Optometrists, who has been working closely with ZEISS since opening the first ZEISS Vision Centre in Africa seven years ago in Fourways, Johannesburg.

ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s three biggest spectacle lens manufacturers and Mellins i.Style is ensuring that South Africans get the opportunity to experience the comfort of ZEISS frames and advanced technology of its lenses.

But where did it all start? Founded in 1846, the company is headquartered in Germany. Today, the Carl Zeiss Foundation is one of the largest foundations in Germany, committed to the promotion of science. ZEISS is represented in nearly 50 countries around the world, including South Africa where Mellins i.Style is proud to be using leading ZEISS ophthalmic instruments and selling ZEISS frames and lenses.

It is these superior quality lenses and frames that Mellins i.Style is now offering to patients at a reduced price. From August 2019, we offer R1 000 off ZEISS frames and ZEISS lenses with an anti-reflex coating.

Here are two more reasons why one cannot doubt the ZEISS foundation’s leading role in the optical industry:

  • It all started with them. ZEISS launched the world’s first-ever point-focal imaging precision eyeglass lens. It was a revolutionary new design developed in line with scientific principles and it would form the basis for all modern lenses. For the very first time, the dynamics of human vision were taken into account in a lens.  Thanks to ZEISS, the “tunnel vision” associated with magnifiers made way for unparalleled imaging across the entire lens surface – even when wearers turned their heads, moved their eyes or changed their viewing distance.
  • It is all about you. ZEISS states that their daily work is sharply focused on the wishes and needs of their customers because every eye is as individual as a fingerprint. ZEISS therefore focuses on individualised solutions. Innovations like ZEISS DriveSafe lenses (available at Mellins i.Style) and instruments such as the ZEISS i.Profiler and the ZEISS i.Terminal (used at Mellins i.Style practices) have received multiple awards for their design, user-friendliness and technological excellence.

Just like Mellins i.Style, ZEISS stands for precision, quality and customised solutions. Visit a Mellins i.Style practice near you and enquire about the ZEISS promotion.