Blue light and your eyes

Up to 88% of spectacle wearers who spend more than two hours a day in front of digital devices experience symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, according to a Digital Eye Strain report, published by The Vision Council in 2016.  The symptoms include visual and physical discomfort including digital dazzle, blurred vision and eye fatigue.

The digital world, despite its many advantages, also pose other challenges: Neck pain due to the incorrect head and body posture during the usage of digital devices and headache, a symptom that nearly everyone is familiar with after a long day of focusing on digital screens.

What is the solution?

Relaxed and comfortable vision. But how can this be achieved? One proven way is with a lens coating like ZEISS DuraVision® Blue Protect. The coating was specially developed by ZEISS for people with sensitive eyes who often experience digital eye strain caused by the use of digital devices and the intensive exposure to blue and artificial light.

How would you know if this coating is for you?

To answer the above question, you need to think about how often your eyes are exposed to blue and artificial light? “It might be more often than you think”, says Mellins optometrist Inge Loubser.  Digital devices aren’t the only source of blue light – interior light and sunlight are also blue light sources (the sun emits the highest quantity of blue light of all these sources).

“Every time we look at our smartphone or any other digital screen we are exposed to blue light. As we are all exposed to blue light, ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect is the perfect coating for everyone who uses digital devices – on the job or in their leisure time – or works in rooms with artificial LED light.” To find out more about this anti-reflective coating, which efficiently reduces the transmission of blue light, is easy to care for and dirt resistant, speak to your optometrist.