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Bringing “Customised Precision” to the world of Optometry

Eye testing has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years…that is until the launch of Zeiss i.Scription.

Your eyes are as unique as you are and have an individual “fingerprint” - The Zeiss i.Profiler reads this “fingerprint” to produce,
arguably the most individualised lens in the world 

Zeiss i.Scription

Choosing a Frame | Lenses | Coatings

Choosing the perfect frame

How to find the perfect frame.

Lots of choices can make decisions difficult.  A Good pair of glasses is an important investment , be it everyday spectacles or scripted sunglasses. What is the best style, size or colour for you?  There are indeed a few basic rules that will help you make the perfect choice. | Read More..
Choosing lenses to fit your frame

Select the right lens to suit your lifestyle, work & leisure activities.

When selecting glasses, you'll also be choosing a frame, the type of lens, and lens coatings. You have many lens options to choose from but your selection will depend on your day to day activities. Your lens is only as good as your prescription. Each eye is unique and the i.Profiler measures the unique roadmap of each eye, resulting in a super-precise prescription just for you that helps ensure optimal vision with sharper contrast and colour intensity, even in low-light situations.  | Read More
Lens Coatings

See your best, look your best and protect your lenses no matter your daily routine.

Precise lenses from ZEISS help you achieve exceptionally sharp vision. Annoying reflections from the surface of your lenses can however reduce the quality of your vision while also making your lenses appear more conspicuous to other. ZEISS invented anti-reflective coating technology to address these issues, and continues to develop clearer, more durable lens coatings to ensure that you see your best, look your best, and protect your lenses, no matter what life throws at you. ZEISS coatings are designed to improve your vision, make your lenses easier to clean, and protect your lenses from wear and tear. | Read More