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Bringing “Customised Precision” to the world of Optometry

Eye testing has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years…that is until the launch of Zeiss i.Scription.

Your eyes are as unique as you are and have an individual “fingerprint” - The Zeiss i.Profiler reads this “fingerprint” to produce,
arguably the most individualised lens in the world 

Zeiss i.Scription

Eye Care & Prevention

Childrens Eye Care

Childrens Eye Care

Does my child need spectacles?

Just like adults, children perceive about 80% of their impressions visually. Good sharp vision is therefore very important for child development. What should parents know before visiting the optometrist for the first time?  | Read More

Keep your eyes healthy

Our most important sensory organ needs to be protected and cared for.

Our eyes are constantly exposed to environmental irritants like dust, UV rays, foreign particles and more. It is therefore for us to be aware of those things that are good for our eyes. As well as of those that cause them harm. | Read More

What is Color Blindness?

180 million people worldwide are colour-blind.

Most commonly encountered are those who can not confidently distinguish the colours red and green. This is called colour blindness. Fortunately complete colour blindness is rare. | Read More

A workout for your eyes

With a few simple sight exercises, you can relax your eyes and vision.

The modern lifestyle places great demand on your eyes. Our eyes suffer for this, beginning to water, itch and redden. This is often accompanied by neck tension and headaches. | Read More

What is visual impairment?

Many of us wear spectacles or contact lenses.

But what to do when this is not sufficient? Any person at any time, can be afflicted by visual impediment. | Read More

Get the best protection for your eyes

Anything could happen to your eyes in an instant.

At the workplace or while engaging in recreation and sports. It is certain that our sight organs are too valuable to expose them to any unnecessary hazards. Those who opt for proper care are on the safe side. | Read More

Reading in poor light

It's a popular myth that almost everyone has heard.

Winter is probably the best time to get round reading a good book by candlelight or the soft light of a bedside lamp. However the joy of burying oneself in a book is often tempered by the fear that doing so might damage our eyes. | Read More

Clear visibility | High-tech coatings

Obviously, we glasses wearers know that eyeglass lens coatings are important.

Nowadays, it is taken for granted that a new pair of glasses will have antireflective eyeglass lenses and a hard coating. However, like the equipment in a new car, there are also differences in quality and specifications that the wearer can select individually. | Read More
See better with progressive lenses

See better with progressive lenses

The ZEISS range of progressive lenses is the perfect solution - even for the first time wearers

We've all heard stories about the trouble people have getting use to their new progressive lenses. Some people still don't feel comfortable with their new glasses even after several weeks of wear. So, what exactly should you take account if you are considering buying your first pair of progressive lenses? | Read More